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Principal's Desk


“Children are the future and the most valuable treasure of a strong and prosperous nation”.

School is the first avenue of socializing for a child. School is the foremost fountain of knowledge, where children are exposed to and it lays a platform for them to acquire knowledge in various fields of education. The golden years in school are not about lessons and home works but about growing and excelling in every possible way.

At Agarwal Vidyalaya and Junior College we continuously equip our teachers with simple yet innovative learning strategies that help them to teach more effectively. In turn, they make students academically inquisitive, scientifically innovative, spiritually wise and emotionally strong. We believe that every student can succeed and we offer multiple pathways towards their success.

I believe my role as an educator, is to guide and nurture the next generation to establish skills to achieve health, respect, prosperity and fulfillment.

Dear Students, My message to put it in a nutshell is, always be confident and never lose hope. Hope is a magical power to make you positive and strengthen your lifeskills to address challenges. Feel it, celebrate it and develop it, more to deepen your knowledge, skills and attitude.

“All above be a good human being always”